Central City Community Development Corporation


Main Programs


Help Rebuild Houses

There must be a place for people to live. Blighted houses, blighted office buildings, blighted schools, blighted stores, etc… are everywhere in the city of Baton Rouge, La. CCCDC must end this horrible, reality in this great city. Blight has so many negative effects on the community. The Central City Community Development Corporation will seek to alleviate this dilemma by acquiring blighted properties in the community and working with contractors and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity to build green, energy efficient, affordable homes and making them available to all who need housing. This includes the thousands of homeless people who are homeless because of the ”Great Flood of 2016”. 

Help Provide Education for Children and Youth 

The mind is the most amazing and fascinating apparatus there is. Education is an ongoing need for the Youth in the community. We believe that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach. The education program will focus its energy on providing the latest in computer skills, web-site development, and technology to develop the Youth of the community mentally, socially, morally and spiritually. Volunteers will be used to share their expertise and professionalism to help develop the Youth via hands on experience, instructions and workshops to increase their chances for employment. 

Help Provide Positive Activities for Children and Youth

The Youth of the community need ongoing positive activities to deter them from the negative influences of the community. Many of at-risk Youth are not academically inclined as other Youth are and therefore need structured activities to help develop their unique personalities and abilities. “The Genesis Center” located in Leesburg, Florida has a Youth program that the CCCDC will be patterned after. These programs will promote character building, self-esteem in every Child and Youth. This positive Children and Youth Outreach will provide opportunities for all Children and Youth to become meaningfully involved in the community. 

The Central City Community Development Corporation
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